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Evolution of an Investor

It happens during social events, family gatherings or strangers calling into the office. The person will often approach with an opening question: “I hear you do investments. What kind of returns can I expect?” They are often surprised when the response is a counter-question estimating their RRSPs or savings within a few thousand dollars of the actual number.

What is a 'Stock Market' Anyway ?

Imagine it is late Monday afternoon and you are wrapping up your day at a large pension plan, as you stretch, your elbow hits the sell button on the keyboard. The board lot (100 shares) of a large Canadian telephone company is quickly bought for $20 and is the closing price as the final trade of the day. The previous closing price was $30.

Business Adaptation Mechanism

There is a concept in biology about the ability of organisms to adapt to changes in the environment. This adaptation process increases the odds of survival for organisms under stress due to environmental changes. A similar mechanism exists in finance that allows economic organizations, otherwise known as companies, to survive and thrive in changing or shifting economic landscapes.